Tuesday March 28th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #25 The Transformers Episode

Today’s guests are Doug @geekacres from Geekacres.net; Eric @Bullitt33; Ryan @Oddernod; Carl @robotcast from Robotcast.com.

Transformers. Some of us loved it. Some of us loathed it.
We give our opinions on it. We discussed the ghetto speak of the twin robots, the plot, a parent’s perspective, the special effects, the “acting” and more. While talking about the college fembot and The Pretenders, there were some technical difficulties that we blamed on Devastator.

We wrap up the show with talk about upcoming movies: Moon, District 9, Avatar, GI Joe, 2012.

Post show ramblings:
GI Joe: Resolute
Last Airbender
A great M. Night Shyamalan rant
Comic Con
Tron 2.0

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