Sunday December 17th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #50 Dollhouse Epitaph

It’s been a seemingly long, arduous, painfully perplexing ride, but Dollhouse has finally come to an end. What did we think about the show as a whole and the recent finale? We’d like to tell you except that we opted to have our memories wiped, lest we remember this muddled FOX production. Instead, take a listen to our recorded opinions while we still had them.

Today’s crew is Will (@LW_Will), Eric (@Bullitt33) and Cat (@fancyfembot).

Playing out today’s episode is Dollhouse performed by Priscilla Renea which can be found on her 2009 debut album Jukebox. We have included the Acoustic Live YouTube version which you can watch here.

Stay tuned to this feed, we’ve got an After Party for this episode on the way…

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