Tuesday March 28th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #58 Doctor Who: Eleventh Hour

‘C’mon then! The Doctor will see you now…’

Are you ready for this? New Doctor, New Companion, New surprises! In this episode we talk about the absolutely smashing Doctor Who series 5 premiere: The Eleventh Hour.’ Today’s crew consists of Michael (@AirlockAlpha), Will (@LW_Will), Eric (@Bullitt33), and Cat (@fancyfembot). This episode contains Atraxi fully-established level 5 planet approved spoilers.

Playing out the show is the song ‘Type 40’ by the Trock band Chameleon Circuit.

If you’d like to hear more WHO talk, Eric & Megan’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Whoverse review of ‘The Eleventh Hour’ can be found here: MHC #3 The Eleventh Hour

Doctor Who on BBC America


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