Saturday December 16th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #76 Eureka (Blinded By Science Version)

“Nathan Stark returning is almost as good as Christopher Eccleston returning as The Doctor for me.”
-Cat (@fancyfembot)

Will (@LW_Will) returns and we are joined by a SFPL newbie Steve (@cyberauron). Today we discuss the latest developments on one of Cat’s favorite shows, Eureka. There is nerd squeeing about everything from Henry’s serenade to Grace and Nathan Stark’s return to androids making love to self aware houses to Evil Wil Wheaton (@wilw). We also discuss the implications of the changed timeline reset and the Lupo/ Zane problem. Have your own nerdgasm about the Eureka at the end of the show.

Closing the show is Henry’s version of ‘She Blinded Me With Science‘.

Eureka on SyFy

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One Comment for “Sci-Fi Party Line #76 Eureka (Blinded By Science Version)”

  • Dani in NC says:

    -I agree with you about how Henry revealed the time travel thing to his wife. There was no suspense or anything. There were several opportunities that would have been more dramatically satisfying than the one they chose.

    -I also agree with you about Zoe’s hair — it is so lifeless. With everything in Eureka, I’m sure there is someone who does weaves :-).

    -I never understood Beverly’s role in Eureka, so having her come back doesn’t mean anything to me.

    -Of all the altered timelines, I’m happiest about Kevin not being autistic any more. I’m not saying that things like autism shouldn’t be represented on TV, but “Eureka” is such a candy-coated show that it felt out of place. It brought the show down. I will admit, though, that my first thought was that they did it because Zoe isn’t a regular any more and they needed a new teen presence on the show.

    My final thoughts: I agree with you and your guest. This show gives me a bit of sci-fi magic in a way that I can understand without being too dark. I look forward to every episode.

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