Monday December 18th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #88 Turd off: Skyline vs. Airbender; Farewell SGU

“The Skyline folks blew a patio deck and a one room apartment. M. Night blew the world.”
-Carl (@robotcast)

Earlier this month, we asked you to vote in a poll about which movie was worse: Skyline or The Last Airbender. In this episode, Cat (@fancyfembot) and Carl (@robotcast) gave painstaking comparison and extensive analysis of the two worst movies of the year. In fact, we went so far as break down why each movie into these categories:

  • Squandered FX
  • Acting ?
  • Turdage per dollar
  • Fury upon exit
  • Which sequel would offend the least?

It’s a display of nerdy OCD at it’s best. We also discuss the cancellation of Stargate: Universe.

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3 Comments for “Sci-Fi Party Line #88 Turd off: Skyline vs. Airbender; Farewell SGU”

  • S. T. Krueger says:

    Ha! Well done, Cat & Carl! Keep up the good work!

    I was one of the unfortunate people to have seen both turds. The choice wasn’t nearly as hard for me. Skyline – hands down – won this cage fght suckfest.

    The deciding factor? I know I’m going to get a watered-down, homogeneous “mythology” hammered home by a lot of serious music and special effects when I go to a big budget movie. What’s more I know that “Air Night” is going to disappoint. My eyes were wide open walking into Airbender. I was like, “Meh – this is going to suck, but at least I’ll have some leverage now when I insist on watching a Brisco County Jr. marathon tomorrow.”

    With Skyline it was different. You just don’t mess with aliens unless you mean to make people barf, cry, scream, or sympathize. All good alien movies espouse this time-honored tradition. You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to achieve this. Seriously – a low budget does not give you a free pass to avoid PUTTING IN THE TIME TO DEVELOP A DECENT PRODUCT.

    What the Skyline folks desparately needed to do is SORT THROUGH THEIR LUCKY CHARMS BOX OF “UNIVERSAL TRUTHS”, PICK ONE, AND COMMIT TO IT! But they didn’t, and so everything about this movie felt half-assed.

    The take takeaway? If you’re going to make a turd, at least do it with your whole ass because a half-assed turd just sets everyone up for the gastrointestinal mess that is the sequel.

  • scifipartyline says:

    Best comment ever!

  • Robotcast Carl says:

    Awesomeness Krueger,
    Thanks! Why did we have to go thru this?, I miss whole-assed science fiction. They knew they had no money, they didn’t take themselves too seriously, but yes, they just jumped in and created some nutty but fun stuff. Movies like- Strange Invaders, Ice Pirates, The Final Countdown, Making Mr. Right, Looker. Those movies ended, and you were like.. What the?!? But you’d be laughing, or thinking, or somehow moved, in a non-bowel related way. You could shoot these films today for the price of the craft services of our turds of 2010. Why more aren’t doing this these days I don’t know. But if they’re gonna drop these loads, we’ll keep calling them on it.

    Oh, and BTW.
    Brisco Rules!

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