Monday February 26th 2018

Sci-Fi Party Line #106 Torchwood, Doctor Who, Eureka, Durarara

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Cat missed last week’s Torchwood on Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless Cutaway so she and Will talk in-depth about Torchwood and discuss all episodes up to ‘Immortal Sin’. We talk briefly about Doctor Who @ 32:05. We bitch and moan about Eureka‘s cancellation @35:15. There is fan appreciation for Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton. We made our obligatory Heroes dig while discussing Alphas. Will introduces Cat to a few anime titles (48:45) and of course Cat heckles him for his trouble: Bleach, Durarara and Full Metal Alchemist.

Torchwood: Miracle Day on STARZ

Doctor Who on BBC America

Eureka on SyFy



Durarara on Adult Swim

Crunchy Roll

Full Metal Alchemist

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