Saturday December 16th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #108 True Blood finale & Hanako’s Dragon Con Report

“No you said it exactly like you meant it. ‘You want to get ON’ Alcide. I want Carl to hear this.”
-Darrell (@thevoice123)

“I would love True Blood so much again if they brought back Russell Edgington. That was my mofo.”
-Cat (@fancyfembot)

-Darrell (@thevoice123)

“I’ve been going to Dragon Con since 2007 and this was the absolute best time for me.”
-Hanako (@hmrpotter)

“The a** shot was kind of an accident.”
-Hanako (@hmrpotter)

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[SPOILER ALERT ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Darrell joins Cat and Hanako to discuss the shocking True Blood season finale. Hanako gives us her Dragon Con report (1:01:10). She got to interview the cast of Being Human and ran into Joe Manganiello, Jim Beaver, Wil Wheaton, and Colin Ferguson.

Dragon Con

Being Human

Jim Beaver on Twitter (@jumblejim)

Hanako’s Confessions of a Grown-Up Fangirl

Comic Book Roadshow and Darrell’s interview with Eureka‘s Eric Wallace.

—> Thanks to Ant (@michant2) for the picture of Alcide’s a**.

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