Saturday December 16th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #185 The Strain


“This reminds me of Vampire in Brooklyn.”
– Cat (@fancyfembot)

“…losing his penis in the toilet.”
– Cat (@fancyfembot)

“Having a Ken doll front… that’s not how it would drop off.”
– Carl (@robominister)

“You cannot drop a member a toilet and then try to smooth it out.”
– Carl (@robominister)

“You’re right. The women seem a little thinly drawn compared to these fabulous back stories for the guys.”
– Carl (@robominister)

Today’s crew is Cat and Carl and they discuss FX’s The Strain.

The Strain airs Sundays at 10pm on FX.

The Strain: Book One of the Strain Trilogy (Stain Trilogy)

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One Comment for “Sci-Fi Party Line #185 The Strain”

  • DantesFire says:

    You guys aren’t paying attention. The heart the old man is keeping is of a female loved one. I thought before it was probably his girlfriend but now that we seen the flashback, could had been his mother. But the Fixer guy mentions it when he meets him in jail.

    Concentration camp flashbacks would be dull but it’s showing that’s where he first encountered the vampires and also that’s where he first encounters the fixer guy, he’s was a Nazi officer.

    Grows flesh? Who’s growing flesh?

    They were fighting the turned pilot in the hospital unused basement rooms. Of course there’s going to be giant fire extinguishers in a hospital. And of course he’s not going to kill him until he thinks there’s no other choice. He’s CDC, he’s there to save lives. He tried knocking him out, doesn’t work so he gotta go extreme.

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the guy who knows everything sounding crazy. You would think someone like that would prepare some sort of proof or an info packet to get help faster, make himself more believable. Or be better equipped or/and have a support group especially in NYC. You got all sorts of crazy beliefs and people, would it be so hard to get a vampire fighting squad, in NYC? Hell, we got “Real Life Superheroes.”

    Yes one of the survivors did go back. The pilot, the one they fought in the basement, went back originally because he started to notice weird stuff was happening to him, he wanted help and the truth to be exposed because he knew they was no mechanical failure.

    The Nazi Fixer and the billionaire are working behind the scenes to get things moving the way they want it to. Like the billionaire talking to Secretary of Health and hiring a hacker.

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