Monday December 18th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #201 The Strain – Everything but the finale


Today’s crew is Cat (@fancyfembot), Carl (@robominister) and Stephanie (@stephbystereo) and we everything in The Strain except the finale. Stephanie fusses about Carl and Cat saying this show is in her wheelhouse. We address listener feedback from Dante’s Fire and SciFi Black Guy.

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One Comment for “Sci-Fi Party Line #201 The Strain – Everything but the finale”

  • DantesFire says:

    The Master reminds me of Warren T. Rat from “American Tail”, not because of how he looks but why he looks that way. They are suppose to look evil and menacing but I think they just look goofy and a bit cute.

    Obviously the vampire task force is from another vampire clan and have a different master and/or work for a greater Authority. Thought that would be obvious since “True Blood”.

    Carl is right, the Master turned Eichhorst, the Nazi, after he escaped from the camp and went into the hidden cave where the Master’s coffin was already placed.

    The sex in the house, just seemed so stupid, do it in the van. You know the house is compromised, might be little worms squirming all over the place. Worst than crabs.

    Ephraim, yeah, I don’t like “Eff” either. I think I will call him Raim.
    Well anyway, Raim seems like the standard guy who may be great at his job but sucks in his personal life. But because he thinks he’s great at his job means he’s great everywhere, he’s arrogant and self delusional. Any mistake in his personal life such as drinking, cheating or not showing up for his family are minimized or overlooked because his job is so important and it puts food on the table. If you look carefully, we all know this type of person.

    Even his son sees it somewhat. His son does see his dad as a hero, because he helps people, he loves his father and knows his father loves him but even he understands he’s not a good “be there for the family” father, which is why he knew the best thing is not to let his father even get partial custody of him, for his father to save the world he needs to be free. But Raim’s self delusion carries on and he didn’t get why his son didn’t want him to get shared custody. Meantime he shows up at all these important custody hearings late. Same as when he got caught having sex in his house. He says he’s a good husband and it’s his house, he has to defend that image, he can’t point out they are separated and she’s dating the Best Buy guy like most of us would.

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