Monday December 18th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #202 Summer Finale Bonanza! The Last Ship, Defiance, Extant


Cat (@fancyfembot) and Carl (@robominister) discuss the finales of The Last Ship, Defiance (@45:50), and Extant (@1:17:10).

We recorded this before Extant got a second season!

The Last Ship on TNT

Defiance on SyFy

Extant on CBS


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3 Comments for “Sci-Fi Party Line #202 Summer Finale Bonanza! The Last Ship, Defiance, Extant”

  • SciFiBlackGuy says:

    Hi Guys,

    Well you can put you tissues away. I heard that Extant was renewed for another season just like Helix was given a second season. I am not sure what is going to be so interesting in a second season. I guess we will get to see what happened to Professor Helix. He’s probably in a retirement home now. Ethan has gone all Singulariy, Ghost in the machine. At least we shouldn’t see his creepy little face anymore. Spore boy doesn’t have muh of a mission anymore. His Mommy stopped the spores so he doesn’t have to worry about getting killed by the Spore Nation Gang. Finally, where in world is Carmen Odinego. What a hot mess of a show. Thank gawd for Haley Berry!

  • SciFiBlackGuy says:

    The Strain – The whole smoothness of the genital area was neccessary I believe because this is AMC, not Cinemax. There is a limit to what you can show on Network Television. I think they wanted to demonstrate the loss of the genetals as it was in the original material but you can’t show Genetals or even works a big Ol’ gaping ummm hole, scar, gash where there used to be something. So they went with the whole Ken Doll look. I think they just could of stuck with the plop of the gental in the toilet and left it at that. I think the audenience could figure out the rest as they explained it in their autopsy of the pilot anyway. I totally agree the Strain started out as a hot mess as well, I don’t think they ever got that much better. The characters still seem to do stupid things that make no sense, there are still too many moments that should be scary, creepy that are just funny. Who in the world would just stand there mesmerized as Vampires are walking backwards when the Master was getting the Fright Night treatment up in the Attic. You mean no one had the good sense to start hacking some Wormpires? I will still watch next season, despite how hard it is to follow. I will just watch it like it was a B Movie I guess to get through it, like Z Nation!

  • DantesFire says:

    -Thanks for the shoutout.

    -I don’t mind the jump arounds as long as the review makes sense.

    -Been awhile for me also, so I have forgotten some of the details but I got the general idea.

    -I don’t get why in “Doll Parts”, Christie needed to cover up killing Dierdre, it was self defense and she was protecting her child. I think even Amanda would give Christie a free drink, oh wait, that’s not good for the baby.

    -Didn’t Nolan free Tommy just by giving him a bear hug and yelling his name?

    -Okay from what I understood, and I think some details haven’t been filled in or maybe told on the game, but I don’t play the game so I don’t know those details. Over 5000 years ago the Votans saw no digns of intelligent life on Earth and went to colonize it. Hundred of years ago, a Votan terraforming fleet had come to earth, guess to prep the world ahead of the main fleet. 2 Irathient crew members revolted, I think because they
    wanted to save the humans. They stole the keys to the main terraforming computers, and blew up the ships. Now here’s the part that confuses me because I thought they were digging in the mines for gulanite which fell during Arkfall but they found 1 of the keys implying
    one of the crew members who revolted crashed there centuries ago with the key or is that one of the keys off the terraforrming ships the main Votan fleet brought with them? Figure they have to be the original keys because they are “keyed” into Irisa and Cai who are from the same bloodline as the 2 Irathient crew members who revolted or are reincarnated versions of themselves. Since that was the reason Nolan needed Cai to help separate one of the keys from Irisa. And that’s the reason the keys accepted Irisa as their carrier in the first place.

    -Whoa, those particular critiques are because it’s obvious no one is paying attention. Probably tweeting or laundry.

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