Sunday December 17th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #203 Doctor Who – Capaldi


Today’s crew is Cat (@fancyfembot) and Carl (@robominister). We discuss the eighth series entrance of the twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi and episodes from ‘Deep Breath’ to ‘Flat Line’.

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One Comment for “Sci-Fi Party Line #203 Doctor Who – Capaldi”

  • DantesFire says:

    -This was not the first time a Doctor had trouble after a regeneration. Peter Davidson took I think 2 30 minutes episodes before he healed enough to get it together. Colin Baker also took awhile to get it together, overwhelmed by the infinity of the universe, choke Perry and then feeling better, puts on the most hideous coat you ever seen. And didn’t Tenant spend half his first episode in a coma too?

    -Carl is so right about the Doctor not feeling like the Doctor when he rejects the soldier girl just because she’s a soldier? In most incarnation he may not be respectful to soldiers but as long as they are there to help, he doesn’t hate them like he did to this girl. And he has traveled with a few before. It just seems like a gimmick so he can dislike Danny Pink and make him a character that had to overcome the Doctor’s “hatred”of soldiers.

    -Let it be stated plainly, I hate Danny Pink, he seems like a character being dumped on us that we’re suppose to like but how can I, I don’t think he’s good enough for Clara. He seems to have hated being a soldier because the messed up things he did but he’s training the kids in junior British ROTC. He mocks the Doctor because the Doctor mocks him but the Doctor doesn’t care about his quips so that just seems to get Danny angrier. Jumping to the 2nd Cybermen/Master episode. I was glad he was dead and disappointed to see he’s somehow alive, guess he had to come back somehow because they showed they have descendants, which made my eyes roll. But then the Cyberman saves Clara, in that moment I loved Danny Pink, he’s not so bad of a bloke, he fought the cyber programing to come back for the woman he lov… Wait a sec. “Boohoo, I came to get you because it hurts emotionally that I’m a Cyber and I want you to turn on my emotion dampener which will then make me a full Cyber and I’ll probably kill you.” Did I mention, I hate Danny Pink, did the CyberBrig cry about needing his emotions turned off? No, he did his duty and saved his daughter. Then flew off to probably to get a pint or 2 and then call the Prime Minister to see if he can rejoin UNIT. Oh but Danny saved a kid at the end, stop shoving fucken Danny Pink at me, he’s not good enough for Clara, he makes her meek. Remember the kickass barmaid/nanny, I miss that Clara.
    -Oh and you do realize Clara is probably pregnant?
    -By the way, how many people are actually willing to become cyborgs to keep living? I know I am, as long as I have control of my actions and thoughts. Figure in a future upgrade I can get some appendages back.
    -Kill the moon was annoying because they didn’t do the most obvious thing, “ring. Hello? 2049 self? This is 2014 self, do we kill it?… Oh, that’s great and the lottery numbers for next week?”
    -When I think of things hatching out of eggs I do think chickens but I also think insects, maggots, roaches and I’ll kill baby roaches in an instant.
    -Lights off if you think we should kill it? What if during the global earthquakes and floods, there are power outages? Why not use a social network to vote, the moon.
    -Oriental Express reminded me of Moonlighting and the train murder mystery episode. I love train murder mysteries. Carl’s wrong for hating them.

    -2d people, yes! Here she is, Kickass Clara! No bf to answer to. Well maybe a little, “Hey bf, busy bye. I gotta save the world while the Doctor has shrinkage issues.”
    -Did I mention she must be knocked up?

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