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Sci-Fi Party Line #232 Sixth Annual Turd Off for 2015


The most favorite Sci-Fi Party Line tradition is back!


We mention several terrible films such as Vice, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, 400 Days, Robot Overlords, Teenage Mutant Ninja, and more but they didn’t make the Official Turd List because they weren’t popular enough and/or had no expectation of being epic.

These are the criteria that we base our decision:
1) Squandered Effects: Did they have a budget and use SFX in a meaningful way to advance the story or were SFX not compelling and misused/underutilized given the budget of the film.
2) Acting?: The acting contribute to the enjoyment of the film or was it painful to watch? Did the casting make sense for the film?
3) Turdage Per Dollar: Was there a big budget and nothing to show for it? Did they use the budget to create an effective film or was it wasted?
4) Fury Up On Exit: Were you pissed off when you were done watching this film. Do you still have residual fury when you talk about it.
5) Which Sequel Would Offend the Least?: Do you want a sequel? Could you tolerate a sequel:

2015 Official Turd List

Fantastic Four – $120M Production Budget, $56M Domestic Gross, $168M International — Made the list because it is a Marvel property and should live up to Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Agents of SHEILD, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones.

Jupiter Ascending – $176M Production Budget, $47M Domestic Gross, $176M International — Made the list because it was a highly anticipated project from the Wachowski’s.

Terminator: Genisys – $155M Production Budget, $89M Domestic Gross, $350 International — Made the list because it brought back Arnold Schwartznegger as the Terminator and starred Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney.

“Blanded to DEATH!”
– Carl (@robominister)

“That was the worst type of anything that you could have done, ever!”
– Cat (@fancyfembot)

Films of Turds Past
2010 Last Airbender vs. Skyline*
2011 Cowboys & Aliens vs. Transformers: Dark of the Moon*
2012 Branded* vs. Lockout
2013 After Earth* vs. RIPD and The Host vs. Gallowwalkers
2014 The Signal vs. Transformers: Age of Extinction*

*Winners of past Turd Offs


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