Wednesday January 17th 2018


The Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast is a podcast where fans come together and discuss their favorite (and not so favorite) science fiction television shows and movies. We’ve been reviewing sci-fi on our podcast since 2009. At the end of every year, we host a special show highlighting the worst science fictions films called The Sci-Fi Party Line Turd-Off and it has become the of our most popular traditions with our listeners.

This year we are trying something new. Most of the hosts are meeting at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year (2014) and will be doing live coverage which includes pictures, videos, and live podcasting. You can follow us at our Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast Dragon*Con Portal.

Cat (@fancyfembot) and Carl (@robominister) are your hosts. Rotating co-hosts are Eric (@BullittWho), Stephanie aka NiNi (@stephbystereo), Hanako (@hmrpotter), Darrell (@thevoice123), and more.

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