Wednesday January 17th 2018

Sci-Fi Party Line #60 Victory of the Hugo or Everybody Loves Daleks?

Man in Black exterminate, regenerate as Locke to cause the crack in time leading to Amy Pond‘s flash-sideways… Come again? In layman speak: We talk some LOST & Doctor Who, just like we never do.

Today’s crew consists of Terry (@tmofee), Eric (@Bullitt33), and Cat (@fancyfembot). This episode contains pure smoke monster Dalek DNA spoilers. We’re assuming you’re caught up to LOST s06e12 Everybody Loves Hugo & Doctor Who s05e03 Victory of the Daleks.

Playing out the show is the song ‘Exterminate, Regenerate’ by the Trock band Chameleon Circuit.

The Gallifrey One (2010) Convention – Katy Manning (Jo Grant) Dalek impersonation video can be found here.

If you’d like to hear more WHO talk, Eric & Megan’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Whoverse review of ‘Victory of the Daleks’ can be found here: MHC #6 Victory of the Daleks

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