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Sci-Fi Party Line #89 Farewell Caprica

“It took too long for Daniel to discover that Zoe was inside the robot. Zoe was calling friends, ordering pizza. No one knew that this robot was walking around the house.”
-Darrell (@thevoice123)

Today’s crew is Carl, Darrell and Cat. We discuss the final five episodes of Caprica. We read an awesome comment from Stephanie Krueger from the last episode. I get Darrell to explain why he thinks Haven is better than Caprica. We, of course, rant about SyFy and the state of science fiction on television. There are also tidbits on Earth 2, the Stargate franchise, Falling Skies, The Walking Dead ratings, Star Trek and Rick Berman. There’s a special yet torturous treat at the end.

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5 Comments for “Sci-Fi Party Line #89 Farewell Caprica”

  • Phineas Henshaw says:

    1. You know I love yall. However, how you guys managed to make a podcast more than 5 minutes about Caprica and Haven, I am amazed. After the first episode, they both sucked! The whole scifi tv has been so disappointing lately, I finally cut my off my cable service. “Mind of Mencia” reruns, here I come!

    2. The old BSG is the bomb! Sorry Darrell

  • scifipartyline says:

    You should hear the last episode. We managed to make a whole show out of The Last Airbender and Skyline. I don’t know how we did it.

  • Rob says:

    Great discussion about one of my favorites shows from last year. I agree that networks just aren’t as interested in genre shows (especially heavily-serialized franchises) as they might have been five years ago, but the fact remains that not a lot of it is that great—Heroes, FlashForward, V, No Ordinary Family and a bunch of others come to mind. It’s such a shame that the shows that are quality get little or no chance to really turn into something because of the bottom line.

    BTW, I think the Fox show you were thinking of was Lone Star, and from the first two episodes I saw, it seemed like a well-written, well-acted character drama that could’ve succeeded…on another network.

  • Didi says:

    I watched the final five Caprica episodes live. The series started off at a glacial pace but those last shows picked up the pace and included lots of action. I agree with Darrell that they didn’t know what to do with Adama’s daughter. None of the characters were particularly likeable. In those last episodes, it felt like every character was busy stabbing another character in the back. But I was fascinated by the technology on Caprica, the robots and the virtual world. I got a lot of all those elements in the final five episodes. That was enough for me; obviously it wasn’t enough for most sci-fi viewers.

  • S. T. Krueger says:

    Cat, I’ve got to agree with you about the last 5 episodes of Caprica. They truly delivered! Suddenly everything started falling into place, suddenly all these characters I really didn’t care much about before became interesting…But why did it take almost two seasons for this to happen??

    The weird thing about Caprica is that all the elements were there, they truly were. Still, something was missing in the execution. Not sure what. Maybe I couldn’t get into the characters because of the pace, maybe I couldn’t get into the characters because of the obligatory formula every new show must follow to catch viewers up on the lay of the land…

    Yeah…that sounds about right. It was the formula. Here’s the thing: I’m ok with sticking to what works, REALLY? Did these folks need over 22 episodes to make their story interesting? What were these people waiting for, a smarter audience? Um, we are sci-fi fans…we can handle it.

    Anyway, the writers for Caprica really managed to wrap things up nicely. I was engaged, surprised, and invested in the final plotline. I was, however, a little bummed by the “epilogue” that showed things to come. It made me both happy and sad – like when you see the previews for History of the World Part 2 and you know it’s not really going to happen. Oh well…R.I.P Caprica


    I cannot believe you read my ENTIRE comment on the air!Thanks for making my lengthy nerd tirade sound so fancy, Carl! I’m sure I’ll listen to this podcast again – only next time I’ll be sure to wear my grandma’s pearls or something. ;)

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