Saturday December 16th 2017

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Sci-Fi Party Line #90 Fringe, The Cape, V and News

Today, Cat and Carl discuss the Smallville/Supernatural and Vampire Diaries/Nikita CW scheduling debacle this past weekend. In response to that night of confusion and disappointment, Carl gives a special introduction to the show.

This is the 2nd Anniversary episode of Sci-Fi Party Line!!! Woohoo!

We read off the comments in response to the last episode about the Caprica cancellation. We also discuss the return of Fringe and V. We discuss the season’s new shows The Cape, Being Human and No Ordinary Family. There is also a bonus blooper at the end of the show.

As a special treat we also discuss current news:
Fancy Fembot: The Cape: I’m not into it
5 new Spidey set pics give us a better look at the full costume
Snyder and Nolan have found their Superman! And his name is …
Look who’s the latest actress campaigning to play Wonder Woman
Star Trek writers and Wolverine director pen script to Ender’s Game
Tron: Legacy’ DVD To Include A Teaser For ‘Tron 3’

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One Comment for “Sci-Fi Party Line #90 Fringe, The Cape, V and News”

  • S. T. Krueger says:

    Re: Peter Darko…

    We know the goal of The Observer’s elaborate plan was to test whether or not Walter would sacrifice Peter for the greater good. However, do we know whether or not the milk concoction Peter drank by accident didn’t somehow act as a catalyst for this recent change?

    And of course, is the fact that The Observer included this moments in his chain of events not really an accident after all? Walter was trying to regenerate his brain…what effect does his concoction have on a brain that is intact? Is this effect generative? Could Walter have just set into motion his worst fear?

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