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Sci-Fi Party Line #91 Fringe, Smallville, Supernatural, V, Bar Karma

Speaking of Diana from V:
“What is she doing? Does she get food? Does she knit? What the hell is she doing down there? She doesn’t have the egg anymore. Did she get rid of it? Did it ovulate out of the sewer?”
-Cat (@fancyfembot)

Today’s crew is Cat and Carl. They discuss feedback from @ccadenhead, @thevoice123, @hal2814 and Stephanie. We talk about Adrianne Palicki as the new Wonder Woman, Fringe, Smallville, Supernatural, Community, V and Current TV’s Bar Karma.

This episode was recorded on February 25, 2011.

Bar Karma @ Current TV

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2 Comments for “Sci-Fi Party Line #91 Fringe, Smallville, Supernatural, V, Bar Karma”

  • S. T. Krueger says:

    3 Things:

    1. I should not admit to knowing this, but the whole “accelerated growth” thing happened in the original V series too. If you’ll recall, Jo from The Facts of Life and the sexy blonde alien with anger issues got it on. Her punishment for having sex before marriage was to give birth to twins – one a terrifying alien spawn that would later be reworked into Howard the Duck, the other a normal enough looking kid with a lizard tongue. Talk about facts of life, right? Yes, yes indeed. Only it gets better! After the miniseries ended, the television series picked up with the lizard muppet in past tense and the girl from Poltergeist as the normal enough looking kid. Something – and I’m not saying exactly what except that it was clearly drug-related – must have triggered the writers to try stupid crap just then. Suddenly the Poltergeist girl goes into this cave and encases herself in a blinking cocoon. By the next episode, she emerges this super-hot Daryl-Hannah-from-Splash-type character. Oh and also that lady in the catsuit from Superman II is the new hot alien Bitch In Charge…but only for the moment…because Diana just realized that she doesn’t have to live in the sewer anymore. She’s all like, “Make way for the Original Sauce, Catsuit Lady!” It was a crazy, magical time for television back then. Folks just put up with that kind of bullshit because only rich people and perverts had enough money for cable.

    2. I still stand by my Fringe prediction, but WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT LAST EPISODE??? I could have sworn I already saw that in a George Burns movie! What the WHAT??? Crazytown is just like any other place – there are good detours and there are scary ass detours that lead out to some old lady’s house of fancy cats.

    3. I will probably leave a voice mail for you when you talk about Battle Los Angeles. LOVED IT!!

    Take care, Sci-Fi Partyline! Thanks for another fun episode!

  • Rob says:

    I’m wondering what you guys think about V after that crazy finale episode. To me, it’s like the producers wrote themselves into a corner with the whole “blissing all of humanity” angle. Supposedly, the only way to resist bliss was through experiencing human emotion, but if Amy can affect humans—effectively overriding their naturally-occurring emotions—then how do you resolve that? Is there some sort of reversal process that we somehow never learned about in two seasons?

    Sounds like you guys actually still liked the show, so I’m curious what you think could happen if there were a third season.

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