Monday February 26th 2018

Sci-Fi Party Line #96 SGU Finale, Supernatural, Smallville Finale

Speaking of the Stargate: Universe finale:
“We are literally going to sleep is our finale. The entire crew is going to take a nap. End.”
-Carl (@robominister)


We are back from Cat’s academically induced hiatus! Today Cat and Carl discuss voice mails from Steph (@stephbystereo) and Charles. We give them a hard time but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Voice mail topics are Battle Colon LA, SGU, Fringe and Wonder Woman. We give our obligatory dig at Haven for Darrell. We give a good bye to Elisabeth Sladen who played Doctor Who‘s Sarah Jane Smith and also starred in The Sarah Jane Adventures. After that, we discuss recent science fiction renewals and cancellations. We send Stargate: Universe on it’s final journey, discuss Supernatural and talk about Smallville‘s finale.

Smallville on CW

Gateworld: An Open Letter to Stargate Fans From Syfy – by Craig Engler

NBC rejects Wonder Woman

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